School Loan Programs for Rural and Farm Families

4H FFA Special Project Loans

What is the MRRC loan?

Michigan Rural Rehabilitation Corporation is offering low interest loans to members of 4-H and FFA to assist them in the purchase of their animal projects for county and state fairs. Maximum loan amounts vary from $250 to $1000 depending on the projects. There is no minimum amount.

  • Loans may be secured for any animal project for show and sale including steer, hogs, sheep, etc.
  • Loans may also be obtained to assist in the purchase of a dairy, breeder, horse or crop project if an applicant can provide a reasonable method of repayment for the loan.

MRRC is principally engaged in making education loans for college and trade schools to members of Michigan farm and rural families.

What is the Michigan Rural Rehabilitation Corporation?

Michigan Rural Rehabilitation Corporation is a nonprofit corporation that is dedicated to serving rural Michigan communities.A limited number of agriculturally related loans are also available. In addition, MRRC participates in the B.O.M.C grants to FFA chapters and/or loans to FFA chapters for various projects. Small grants and/or loans are also available to 4-H groups or other bona fide groups involved in agriculture endeavors.

The 4-H/FFA Special Project Loans are made available in an effort to assist Michigan youth who wish to gain first-hand knowledge about agriculture and its importance to mankind.

Who is eligible to borrow?

Any member of a Michigan 4-H or FFA chapter with a valid project will be considered. There is no age restriction.

How do I apply?

Click here to download an application and the instructions.


   Or you may click here to request an application be mailed to you.

Complete the application and return it to MRRC. Your 4-H leader, extension agent or FFA adviser will be required to verify your project. When your application is approved, you'll be asked to sign a promissory note. Your parents will be required to guarantee repayment of the loan as cosigners. Your application cannot be processed without all of the required signatures and the signed authorization by the parent(s)/guardian(s) to allow MRRC to order a consumer credit report.

When is repayment expected?

Funds are advanced to the borrower at 5% simple interest from the date of disbursement. Repayment is expected within 30 days from date of fair auction. Dairy, breeder, horse, or crop project repayment terms will be determined on an individual basis. Contact MRRC for details.

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